Club Policies

All players, team managers/coaches and parents/guardians are required to read the Club’s and the FA’s policies and adhere to them.



♦ Play fairly and respect opponents, team mates and club officials at all times ♦ Show due respect towards match officials and accept their decisions ♦ Learn and abide by the laws of the game and the competition rules ♦ Make every effort to develop your sporting abilities and strive for the best possible performance during a game ♦ Be punctual for training and on match days ♦ Do not use inappropriate language ♦ Ensure your child arrives to training and match days on time and is also collected on time. Ensure suitable clothing and footwear is worn at all times


♦ Always encourage your child and the teams. Never be negative ♦ Encourage fair play and display good sportsmanship towards oppositions ♦ Do not put pressure on your child but allow them to enjoy themselves ♦ Take time to understand the laws of the game and the FA’s Respect programme ♦ Show due respect towards club officials, match officials and opposition’s supporters ♦ Do not use inappropriate language
The above is a summary of the Club’s Code of Conduct. For a complete copy, use this link xxxxxxxxxxx or refer to a Committee member or Club official. Note: The Club is responsible for the behaviour of its players, officials and spectators at all times. Any breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct and discipline will be severely dealt with by the Committee.


♦ Jets FC subscribes to The FA’s Safeguarding Children programme and acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child and young person who has been entrusted to its care ♦ The Club is committed to working to provide a safe environment for all members ♦ The Club has a role to play in safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying ♦ All current Club members who are regularly caring for, supervising, training or being in sole charge of children and young people will be required to complete a CRC Enhanced Disclosure ♦ Jets FC has appointed a Club Welfare Officer (CWO) who has completed the Safeguarding Children and Welfare Officers Workshop ♦ The CWO is the first point of contact for all Club members regarding concerns about the welfare of any child or young person.  The CWO will liaise directly with the County FA Welfare Officer for referring any concerns ♦ It is important to remember that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.  If you are worried about a child, it is important that you report your concerns – no action is NOT an option
The above is a summary of the Club’s Safeguarding Children Policy. For a complete copy, and contact details of the CWO, use this link xxxxxxxxxxx or refer to a Committee member or Club official.
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