Club Colours

Why are these the Club colours?

Although we do not know the history of the Club colours, we know that the original shirts were sky blue and white stripes, as seen in the Jets FC team photo of 1990.

During the seasons, for differing reasons, some of the Club’s teams used variations of colours for the home kit, however, retaining the blue and white either in the colour of the shirt or the shorts. We know from photographs that Club teams have played in plain blue shirts with white fringes on the sleeves and in white shirts with blue fringes. And in the 2009-10 season, the Club played in blue and white hoops shirts.

The away kit has also changed during the years. We know that the Club has used yellow shirts with blue shorts (as depicted by the yellow colour in the Club’s badge) in the past. For the past couple of seasons the away kit has been red and white stripes as agreed by the officers of the Club in order to keep the “stripes” look.

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